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Managing Students

All students 

For managing students, you can easily use feKara. On interface, in the label of “students”, you will  find three options.

  • Select “Students”


  • Click on “all students” for managing your all entries of students


  • Following interface will appear


  • Click “actions”


  • You will see three options : Download PDF, send SMS and change class

If you want to download, then click Download PDF. Your data will be downloaded


  • For sending SMS, select “send SMS” from actions


  • Following interface will appear. Type your message


  • Click “send” and your message will be delivered to your entire list of students


  • You can also change class of any student very easily.
  • For this, select the student/s from your list


  • Go to actions and select change class


  • Select class from available classes


  • Click “change” and the class will be changed


  • You can also add a new student
  • For this click on “Add student”


  • Now you can make new admission by entering all the details of student

  • After completing the details, click “submit”


  • New admission will be made and you will be able to see complete profile of this student now


  • Now you can perform various functions for this admission. For sending message, select “send SMS”

  • Type your message and click “send”. Your message will be delivered


  • For deleting this entry, select “delete”


  • Now click “OK” and this entry will be deleted


  • For fee payment of this, click “instant fee”

  • Add details like amount, fee title, date and receipt number. Now select “pay”


  • Fee status will turn as “paid”
  • You can perform some other functions like viewing payment history and sending email.
  • Select “more”


  • For knowing the history of payment, select “payment history”


  • You can view previous payment details (if any)


  • For sending email to guardian or the student, select “Send email”


  • Select guardian or student as recipient


  • Add details and click “send”


Add new

  • For adding new student you can also take a direct step
  • Select “add student”


  • Add details to new admission


  • Submit these details by clicking “submit”

  • New admission will be made


Deleted Students

  • For viewing the students who have been deleted by you, select “deleted students”



  • You will be able to view deleted student/s (if any)


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