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How to manage examination on feKara


Managing examinations with feKara is very easy. With few simple steps you can control examinations by managing test schedules and marks sheet.

  •  From the main interface, select examination



  • Select “test schedules”



  • Following interface will appear


Adding new schedule

You can add a new test schedule by using feKara by following simple steps

  • Click “actions”


  • Select “add schedule”


  • This interface will appear


  • In the interface, add the schedule name as monthly tests, house exams or so and select the class


  • Select the tenure for schedule

  • Select the day of test


  • Select the subject by clicking here




  • Select the teacher or instructor of that test



  • You can add subjects to this schedule by clicking here




  • After adding the details, click submit



  • Your new schedule will be created
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