How to manage examination on feKara (2)

View test schedule

  • For viewing test schedule, follow these steps
  • Select range of the test schedule by selecting the requisite dates in the highlighted columns


  • Select class by clicking here



  • Now click on “filter result” to see test schedule



  • Schedule will be displayed


  • Now you can clear or delete this test schedule
  • For deleting, click here


  • Now select “OK” to delete this schedule

  • For clearing the list, click here



  • Now click “OK” and will be cleared


  • For filling the mark sheet, click here



  • Now fill the columns of total marks, obtained marks and test week in the highlighted places



  • Add the marks obtained by the respective students in the places


  • Now click “save changes” to save this schedule’s modifications


  • For downloading, click “download PDF”


  • Fill the “attendance” label as present,absent or doesn’t matter



  • Now fill the “test result” label as passed or failed


  • Now click “download” and the document will be downloaded

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