In accounts section, you will be able to manage all types of finances and accounts.


  • Select “accounts”
  • There are various categories available. Select from these categories as per required

  • Daily expenses

  • For adding daily expense detail, select “daily expenses”


  • Click on “action”


  • Now select “add expense”


  • Add details of the expense, and click “save”


  • Your expense will be added


  • For deleting this expense, click here



  • Select “ok”


  • For editing this expense click here



  • Make¬†the changes and click “save”


Teachers salaries

  • For managing teacher’s salaries, click on “teachers salaries”


  • Now click on “actions” and select “generate salaries”


  • Select month and year of the required salary
  • Now click “generate salaries”


  • Salaries will be generated
  • Now you can pay salaries by clicking here


  • Select “pay salary”and it will be paid


  • For deductions, click here


  • Add details and select “set reduction”


  • Deductions will be made to current salary

Student payment report


  • For students payment report, click¬†student payment report


  • Select student and data range
  • Click “view report”


  • Report will be displayed

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