How to manage fee on feKara

Fee management on Fikara is very easy, simple and purposeful.

Collect Fee

  • Select “fee”


  • Click on “Collect fee”



  • A complete list with complete details for each entry will appear
  • There are several options for you (pay, delete, edit, print)


  • For fee payment click “pay”


  • Select from  the choices (print, pay, print and pay)


  • Click “delete” for removing any entry


  • For editing fee, you can click on “edit”


  • Here you will be able to edit fee amount, fee and description
  • Make the changes and select “save”


  • For the purpose of printing fee you can click on print


  • This view will be printed



Fee defaulters


  • You can manage the list of fee defaulters very easily.
  • Select “fee defaulters”


  • You will complete least of all fee defaulters with multiple actions on the list (pay, delete, edit, print)


  • For payment click on “pay”


  • Click “print” or “pay” as per requirement



  • If you want to remove any of the entries, select “delete”


  • Then click “ok”


  • If you want to edit, then follow the same process as mentioned in earlier category.
  • Select “edit”


  • Make the requisite editing
  • Click “save” for saving the changes you made


  • If you need to print certain fee of any defaulter then select “print”


  • Following print will be printed



Paid Fee


  • Click “paid fee” for viewing the entire lists of students that have paid the fees


  • There is complete description of student and fee submission


  • If you want to get print/s then click “print”


  • You will get following print



Fee defaulters report

  • For getting fee defaulters report, select “fee defaulters report”


  • Now select the desired report type by clicking “report type”


  • Now select “classes” you can choose among all classes or some specific class

  • For reviewing report, click on “view report”


  • Your desired report will be displayed


  • For downloading the desired report, click on “download report”

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