How to manage Attendances in feKara

Manage Attendances

  • Click on the attendance label.


  • Select “attendance register”



  • Select the requisite date
  • Select the class for which you need attendance register


  • As you have already students in your classes so clicking on “Attendance register” will generate the register


  • Mark the absent, present or leave


  • You can also send message to parents of absent child by clicking on send an auto SMS to guardian of absent students


  • Save this attendance



Create Attendance Report

  • You can also create your complete attendance report
  • As you have marked and saved attendance so report will be created by few simple steps
  • Click on attendance report  label


  • Select date and attendance status (present, absent, leave)


  • Now select class


  • now click on “view report”


  • Your attendance report is created


  • Now you can also download this report by clicking “download report”
  • There is an option for SMS absent report as well which will send message to absent student’s registered number


Attendance Sheet

  • You can also create attendance sheet.
  • Click on “Attendance Sheet”


  • Select class and interval for attendance sheet


  • Now click on “view report”


  • Your attendance sheet will be created.


  • You can download attendance sheet(if needed) by clicking “download report”


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